Currently the App is Pre-launch and not available for download at this time…the steps and demo video below simply demonstrate the simple easy process to get started and use the App as it’s been designed, once it becomes available! Please donate and help this become a reality now!

How to...Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Download the App from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store

2. Sign in with either your Apple ID or your Google ID...You already have one!

An account is required in order to enable and retrieve your ‘personalization’ choices. Your Apple or Google account info is never seen or handled by Webaudio.

3. Complete the personalization process by choosing which types of news is of interest to you.

There are 12 main categories, each with multiple subcategories. This process takes about 90 seconds. You can edit these options at will.


Picture of a smartphone with a picture of the webaudio app in the center

...and Done

– that’s it! …pretty simple.

– Your audio playlist will automatically populate with the types of news stories you selected.

– You can save audio files to your phone, share them with friends and family.

– When you download the App the very first time, you will see a ‘Thank you’ for downloading. That page will only be visible after the initial download.

– The App will provide approximately 3-4 hours of new audio every day. Great for commutes, at the Gym or simply around the house!

Donate $100 or more and when the App is released, you'll receive a 'Thank You' token code that will last for a year...or give it to a person with a vision impairment, a grandparent, a Vet missing a limb, person with a motor control impairment or physical disability, a friend, person with long commutes, gym rats, joggers etc.

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